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  1. A few years ago I treated myself to a Silver Reed LK150 knitting machine as I'd always fancied learning how to use one.  I got as far as making a couple of stripey scarves then banished the machine to the shed as it took up too much space in my living room and I had no where else to put it.  I looked it out yesterday, got it set up and spent the last couple of days playing with it.  I need to give the machine a good clean after it being in the shed for so long.


    lk150 1

    lk150 3

    lk150 6

    lk150 9

    This is the fabric I was experimenting with.  I'm still playing about with the various settings and seeing what does what.  The machine knits lovely but I need to work on neater cast ons.

    lk150 8

    I got a DVD with the machine which I'll need to watch again plus I've bought some books.  I've also enrolled on some craftsy classes by Susan Guagliumi.  I love watching her using the machine.  She's fantastic.  Her website is HERE and her blog is HERE.

    lk150 2

    lk150 4

    lk150 5

    lk150 7

    I ordered myself a cone of yarn instead of constantly winding balls into cakes!

    lk150 10

    Last week I went to the local post office and walked past this lock up.  I used to live a couple of houses along when I was wee and always wondered what was behind those doors.


    I had a wee play about with my camera taking close ups of various objects.  This kissable little object was by far my favourite picture.